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Did you know what is behind or are you just a common “victim” of internet marketing? Just considering some number to build a first idea: the internet users in January 2017 counted for 3.773 billion with, approximately, 50% of penetration and an annual growth of 10% (+354 million since January 2016) according to “We are social and Hootsute” in their report “Digital in 2017 Global Overview”. Looking at these data it is not anymore a choice being present online, nor for small companies neither for multinationals.

Jenny Servis, Vice President of Marketing for marketing solutions company SnapRetail, “with over 85% of searches for products and services happening online, it is just a “duh” at this point”.

Internet marketing dominates the advertising and marketing sector. This perhaps was just true some years ago. Now it is more. Augmented reality, data visualization, live streaming video, native advertising represent glorious improvement of what we have to get used to. Cost-effective, all-inclusive, affordable, global reach and others features stand for why marketers and managers from companies of all of kind of business felt in love with internet marketing. The industry in which it belongs never slows down

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Nowadays consumers have too many choices and they have to be constantly reminded that a company exists. The best way to be there on time and in a responsive way is online. A company has to be where its users or customer are. Moreover, it has to give them what they want and even more inviting them to buy or use what they do not want already. At the same time, internet marketing is a perfect tool to include the final target in the process using them, for examples, as testimonials.

Going deeper, its power goes above the simple business world. Protests, pressure on the local and international community, improvement or destruction of the reputation of a person, company or institutions are just some examples that overcome a single area. Internet marketing combines contents and shapes to fascinate and involve people going over the age, the sector, the social class, the usual way to think.

In the following essay, I want to add my personal experience with internet marketing. I had experienced it a different way at the same time: as a possible consumer and as a creator of it.

As a student consultant for a university project in Lisbon I had to deliver an internet marketing plan for BNP PARIBAS focused on attract Millennials.

My group and I studied and analyzed the characteristics and the attitudes of this target in their daily life, in their preferences and in their online behaviour. Meanwhile, we took in consideration the main trends of internet marketing within and outside the banking sector. We focused on the most successful internet marketing strategies in term of brand awareness and engagement in order to spot opportunities.

I did not realise the work that is behind a simple advertising post or video, how complex is the reality that a company has to consider. All the Millennials are different, they change their preferences fast and they get bored easly.

Social media helps in gaining information that can be used, but the company itself has the final decision in which strategy or campaign it wants to deliver to clients.

At the same time, if a company has the capability to build a relationship with them or a specific target, this relation is solid and active. Internet

What we found was surprising also from the company side. Big companies well-known for insurance or consultancy services are investing more and more in internet marketing specially on Instagram services to create a different image of their companies. They are often considered as far, cold entities interested in making money. Internet marketing allows them to create contents about whatever their current and future customers are interested in. We presented the plan to the entire board in Portugal, almost composed my people of generation X. They completely underestimated the significance of this process. They were not even aware of this now trend. It is the worst error that a company can do.

A campaign, a post, a picture, a video are way in which users communicate with the companies. They are saying what they need, what they like. Communication is the main point around which internet marketing is built.

If you think deep about this, it is possible to perceive the essence of internet marketing. It makes everything possible, positively and negatively. It broadens the common limits inside the process in the company – starting in the marketing department to the HR department, from developing the awareness to spotting opportunities – and outside in the relationship between the brand and the clients.

The theoretical framework could be not enough for being successful. There is not a starting point in term of right time or way to be online, internet marketing boosts creativity and innovation. Just thinking about “Pokemon to Go”, no one would belive in its huge fortune.

Hannag Kim, A certified blogger, writer and traveler. Please get in touch.

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