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Efficiency of Internet Marketing Search Engines


The days are gone when just top of the line corporate bodies and established Businesses and companies set out on internet marketing search engine. Initially utilizing online and virtual means of advertising and promotion was very costly and required a lot of prior knowledge and skill in the fields of internet and technology. However, with the evolution of the world and the normalization and continued usage of internet, people became acquainted and familiar with the usage of internet and it became a norm. Nowadays, all the companies and brands are pretty efficient and have started to use the internet and virtual means of advertising and endorsement regularly.


In order to understand the concept and difference of internet marketing search engine and social media marketing and advertisement, consider the following simple example and analogy. Imagine that you have a pumpkin pie with you. This pie is representing the concept and essence of internet marketing and online marketing.

If you use a spatula to separate a smaller piece of this pie and separate it, this piece will represent the social media marketing. Social media marketing is often considered a separate entity however that is not the case. Social media marketing signifies the use of social media websites and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter etc.


It is an established fact that everyone is accustomed to the use of social media in their daily and day to day lives. This has helped people to share their lives, views, and opinions openly. However, these sources are of significant importance for companies and service providers as they can use them to share and campaign their marketing and promotional strategies. Some advantages of using social media marketing for internet marketing and search engine are mentioned below:

  • It enables the consumers to communicate directly with the company or brand.
  • It is very easy to gain popularity and fame on social media. Especially on Instagram, one can gain recognition within minutes when a company utilizes the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers.
  • Social media platforms serve as a global network that has condensed the world into a small package. Therefore you can avail the opportunity of global reach while using social media for online and virtual advertising.
  • The chances that a company can get Instagram followers is very easy and feasible as there are many service providers that can be hired to provide this facility.
  • A huge component of social media marketing is trendsetting. By ensuring creative marketing and advertising strategies and leading the virtual marketing strategy in the right direction, the companies and service providers can easily become popular and set new trends.

Social media platforms are not only effective and efficient to be used as a mean of advertising, it can also be used without having to pay a huge amount of money. Most of the Social Media platforms are absolutely free to use.

Hannag Kim, A certified blogger, writer and traveler. Please get in touch.

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Hannag Kim, A certified blogger, writer and traveler. Please get in touch.
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