If you want to trade in Dubai, you must have a license fir that purposes as well. it is really necessary because, without it, you would never be able to do any sort of business. this is because the license acts as a permit and if anyone will not have the permit, his work will be considered as illegal. This is why it is always really important to have a license before proceeding with any sort of trade.

The trade license depends upon the activity of the business’s (visit on this website to find out more details about trademark registration and renewal) this means that the type of the business will decide which license you should get in order to do business in the best possible manner.

Expiry date

Everything has an expiry date and so is the case with your trade license. There will come a time when your trading license will get expired and you will need to renew it.

There are different steps that are to be taken by the trader in order to renew his trade license in Dubai. Have a look at them;

  1. Tenancy contract

First of all, you must check your tenancy contract. This is because your tenancy contract will no longer be valid after 3 months of the application. So, first check your tenancy contract and then apply for the renewal of the license. If your tenancy contract has also been expired, you must renew it as well.

  1. Licensing approval

If you want to do business in Dubai, you must get the permit from the concerned authorities. This is really important if you really want to do business in Dubai. This is because without approval you can never run a business. if you do and get caught, you will be punished severely because eth government of Dubai is really strict regarding their laws and orders. So, make sure you do not do anything that is against the laws.

  1. Application submission

After you have got the approval for the licensing, you can easily submit the application. Make sure that your application has all the required documents including your photographs. if your document lacks anything that is required, your application might not get accepted.

  1. Voucher number

After you submit the application, you must get the voucher number. This will act as a reference for you. so, you must keep it safe with you or else you will not be able to make payment.

  1. Payment

For the renewal of the Trademark Registration in Dubai, you must make payment. Make sure that you do not delay the payment process because if you do, you might have to pay fine for it. so, be early in doing everything that is required by you.

RENEW TRADE LICENSE IN DUBAI as it is a must if you want to continue doing business in Dubai. There is no doubt that Dubai gives a lot of opportunities to people but for that, you must take the approval and license as well. If your license has expired, renew it as soon as possible to avoid any type of inconveniences.

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