Press Agencies from Africa gather in Casablanca

The 2nd General Meeting of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies or FAAPA commenced few days ago in Casablanca, Morocco. Two years ago, the association was established on 14th of October. It primarily encourages members for an effective dialogue and evaluate their activities and for colleague assessment. The federation’s leader, Khalil Idrissi, set off the Assembly, told FAAPA that as an association it additionally made ideal state for operation for individuals and aid in developing professional protocols among African Press organizations.

As indicated by him, the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies is becoming more solid each day and the African news offices require more info and technology. According to the assoc. president, there was the necessity to make Africa a venue for international agencies meeting & other organizations. Idrissi further stated that Africa needed more valuable partners and build up its big cultural potential. He noted that thirty agencies were present at the assembly, which includes Nigeria as a new member, additionally portrayed as a wonderful nation. The Moroccan Ministry of Communications’ Secretary General, Mr. Mohammed Ghazali, greeted press people to Morocco and expressed gratitude toward them for picking Casablanca as site for the general meeting.

He encouraged the assembly to solidify the association to meet the challenges of the modern century. He said that the gathering ought to evaluate the difficulties confronting the media in the time of the web-based social networking and think of workable arrangements against such difficulties. Ghazali stated that as a result of the significance of the mainland of Africa, His Royal Majesty, King Mohammed of Morocco, will prioritize Africa in the subject of peacekeeping.

He said that the organization had everything it would take to expose Africa, henceforth the making of Institute of Journalism which additionally indicated how the collaboration among the agencies was running. In spite of the present challenges, FAAPA had kept on becoming stronger. Mr. George Penintaex, the Secretary General of Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies, stated that FAAPA had brought news agencies from West Africa to discuss on matters regarding Africa.

As per him, the association is the correct opportunity to discuss on any matters that worries Africa. The News Agency of Nigeria or NAN reported that they been enrolled as a full member of FAAPA amid the gathering’s 2nd General Assembly. On behalf of NAN’s Managing Director Mr. Bayo Onanuga,  Editor in Chief Malam Lawal Ado, signed the registration form. The organization is a professional gateway to support the exchange of experiences, information and multimedia products among individuals from the group. Moroccan

It is likewise to advance sharing of ideas on the fate of news agencies and the part they should play in the 21st century. Moroccan businessman agrees to the setting. The news organizations of Morocco, Senegal, Cote D Ivoire, Mauritania, Guinea Conakry, Benin Republic, Ghana, Congo Kinshasha, Cameroon, Liberia and Guinea Bissau, Mali are all organization members. Others are Chad, Gabon,Burkina Faso, Togo, Congo Brazzaville, Cape Verde, Central Africa, São Tomé and the most up to date part, Nigeria. The two topics of the current year’s General Assembly are entitled “What Training Strategy for African News Agencies?” and “Human Resources Challenges: Case of African News Agencies” of which papers were presented.

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