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The Real Time Positive & Negative Social Media Role in 2017

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Social media has affected people living in many ways. Some got the positive effect and learned much through this platform while other has ruined their life due to extreme involvement in their mobile and computers. Social media sites are considered as haunts on internet world that have revolutionized the life of people. They are more socialized on the web while less communicating with the family members.

Effect on socialization

People are becoming more social as they communicate with different people from different region of the world. They share their ideas and give suggestions to each other. It has become a great way to socialize. People have enlarged their social circle to keep themselves busy, in this way they do not get bored. Adults are no more alone as well as bored of their life, they have the best activity to kill their time, they participate in various social media activities, read articles, interact with different people of their age groups. This is the best means to keep active and social.

Effect on business community

Social media has played the vital role for the business community as well as for housewives. As it has become one of the largest platforms to earn money. People promote market and sell their products through these sites. In the similar way housewives, students and those who don’t have the finance to start a business on a large level have selected this media to earn money. Housewives are spending much time by writing different blogs, buy real Instagram followers and making pocket money.

Removal of interactive barriers

Interaction is no more difficult now, the internet world especially the emergence of social media has made the communication easy simple and economical. Previously, the internet was not common to communicate with friends and family members that were in abroad or out of it was not easy. In fact, the person had to spend a lot of money to talk to their dear ones. Thanks to social media who had played an important role in making communication effortless and trouble free.

Negative impacts

As everything has positive and negative effects same is the situation with social media, although it has affected many people lives positively, it has provided them work to earn handsome amount of money but at the same time it has influenced people badly. Most companies have restricted social media during office hours because of effect on productivity people who are addicted do not pay attention to work thus affecting productivity of the company. In a similar way, the interaction with other people has improved but badly affected the family relations. There is time for Facebook friend but no time for parents and siblings.

Social media has also ruined the privacy badly, people are now busy in sharing each and every activity of their life and sometimes activity goes viral thus badly affecting the personal life.  Addition of everything is bad, it is important to use these sites for fun or spend time but not get too much involved that show negative effect on life.

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