The significance of 108 mala beads and why you should use it?

108 mala beads

The mala beads have been center of attention for many people that are looking to mediate and improve self-awareness. It is closely attached to the Buddhist monks and their mantras while meditating. You might be asked by someone to use them but why exactly the 108 mala beads? What is its significance and what are the benefits of using it? Let’s uncover some interesting information about it.

The significance of 108 beads

Most of the time, you will see individuals emphasizing on the figure of 108 and saying that your mala should exactly reflect this number. But why 108? Why you can’t simply go out and use any mala with any number of beads in it? Well, there is a certain meaning attached to it.

The 108 is a significant figure and it has been referred in various religions and numerous traditional stories. Many belief systems in the history have used it and some of the philosophers and yogis have come up with a very decent explanation to it.

According to the yogis, the 108 is a figure that is about formulation and existence of this world. As per their words, this figure contains whole world, all of the existence in it.

To be more specific, the number 1 defines unity. It refers to the unity of the existence. Then you have 0 which is representing the truth of emptiness as it is null, nothing, total emptiness. And lastly, you have the number 8 which is considered infinity and you would know why if you have seen the infinity sign.

Benefits of using mala beads

The mala beads are primarily used in prayers and meditation. Most of the time, it is used by individuals to count the mantra. However, there is a lot more to it than just counting.

The 108 mala beads are there to help you in focusing on what you are saying. It is actually about helping you in controlling what the yogis call your ‘monkey mind’ and increase the self awareness. Moreover, people who are onto the pranayamic practice can benefit from it as this helps in slowing down the respiration which is also beneficial for the overall health of an individual.

Moreover, there are a number of different type of beads with which the malas are made. The materials are of great significance. There are numerous people who can be seen looking for a mala with a certain material. So, why they just cannot use any mala? Well, the bead material has a great significance and it is about the relationship of your personality and the bead. If you get the right one, it can be healing and boosting for you.

Also, the 108 beads are there to aid a person in cleaning the 108 marma points that are present in the body of every person. It is a critical element in japa mantric meditation which helps you in replacing the negative thoughts and vibes with more pleasant and positive ones.

And lastly, it helps you by teaching discipline as it makes you stick to your purpose, helping you to stick to whatever your purpose is in your life, and telling you to be humble and adherent to the practice.


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