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Travel guide to North America:

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North America is the continent named after the Italian explorer Amerigo. North America covers the area about 24,221,490 km. It is in the north hemisphere, between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.

Top destination in North America:

Destinations recommended by many travel guide by Ibn Battuta are as follows:


Boston is one of the oldest American cities. Boston is well-known for art and music, hospitals, and colleges. Boston has fantastic attractions for the tourist and lovely scenery with terrific restaurants.

Boston walk is recommended by travel guide, historian attraction is walking tour., the freedom trail, beacon hills, and the north end. There are museums of fine arts and contemporary arts, art lovers are recommended by a travel guide to have a visit to these places. The beauty of this place is public garden or banks of Charles River. This place is one of the most visited places by the tourist.

San Francisco:

San Francisco never fail to entertain. Golden Gate, China town, haight street and north beach are the places one can have a visit. There are 3500 restaurants in San Francisco, you can eat different food at a different restaurant every night.


Alaska is a beautiful place to visit. Having mountains to climb, rivers and glaciers increase it in beauty.

Denali National Park:

Denali national park covers the six million acres and topped by North America highest peak. This place is the showstopper of Alaska.

Glacier Bay national park:

You can watch in the boat the majestic glacier calves, icebergs into the tidewater and seals, sea lion, marine animals in the crystal clear water. You can also see a bear on the shore and mountain goats on the cliff but with the help of binoculars.

Famous food in North America:

Eating out is a new thing for many Americans. This is because of the popularization of the television show that features the celebrity chefs that focus on culinary history and culture.

In cities restaurants are modern, clean, vast offering wide range of cuisines, price range, and facilities. They have restaurants with self-services, counter service, drive thru and table services. As it has become more culture diverse, you can find every dish coast-to-coast which greatly emphasize on fresh and healthy. Popular food people eat are:

  1. Hamburgers
  2. Fried chicken
  3. Barbecue
  4. Cheesecake
  5. key lime pie
  6. Apple pie
  7. Ben’s chili bowl
  8. Faidleys

Whenever you visit North America, these foods are recommended by travel guide, which will increase your joy during the trip. When having foods in North America many people have a drink with it, the most drink people have with their meals are coca cola, regional wines, microbrewery beer, coffees and regional cocktails.

Visit to North America is very fun and with the help of travel guide, your journey becomes easier. Top class destinations, cities with beautiful scenery and historic places that also increase the one in knowledge. North America have the best restaurants and food they served are the beat one to eat. Travel guide can recommend you the best places and food items to eat and can make your trip full of enjoyment.

Hannag Kim, A certified blogger, writer and traveler. Please get in touch.

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Hannag Kim, A certified blogger, writer and traveler. Please get in touch.
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